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Structural engineering

leistung-ingenieurbau-Luftbild-Brücke-KW-okt-07-KopieBuilding bridges.

We mainly focus on a special type of edifice and system when it comes to structural engineering: building bridges. Our own structural engineering department has looked after this field for some years now. This helps us ensure that all standards placed in planning the support framework within the architectural design of structural engineering projects are satisfied to the fullest possible extent.


Neubau der B 112

New construction of the B 112 expressway, including two bridge structures

km 7+175 to km 9+925, approx. 2.750 km new road in the B 112 from km 7+175 to km 9+925, approx. 2.750 km, a junction with the L371, including flyover. The project involves construction of two new bridges: BW 314 bridge over the Oder-Spree Canal along the B 112, BW 315 bridge over the B 112 along the L 371


Construction of a new wildlife crossing over the A 13 by Teupitz.

The structure is designed as a frame with prefab compound elements for subsequent 6-lane expansion of the A 13, incorporating a standard cross-section (SC) of 36.0.

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