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leistung-rohbau-2012_09_03_08.47.22_BV-NMWA solid foundation

A building is always based on its shell. So we take particular care to ensure the high standard of construction quality in all trades involved. Our shell construction includes: reinforced concrete construction – masonry construction – steel construction.



Humboldt University Berlin, Jakob Wilhelm Grimm Centre

New construction of an eleven-storey university library based on plans created by the architect Max Dudler; the typology used in the design of its façade and interior is intended to resemble a bookshelf. A reading room is laid out on the inside of the Grimm Centre, spread over an area of approx. 70 x 12 m and with 20 m ceilings. GFS: 37,500 m²

Construction of an office building Hasso-Plattner-Griebnitzsee

Construction of an office building Hasso-Plattner-Griebnitzsee

Two free-standing villas are fitted with full clinker brick façade, mansard roofs and dovetail tiles. A pair of fully glazed connecting passageways join the villas with a three-storey office building. The office building has a flat roof and a mullion-transom façade with natural stone sections.

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