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About us


Simply well built – since 1994.

The projects that we have successfully completed hand in hand with our clients represent the foundation upon which our outstanding track record is built. We started 20 years ago, putting up just shell constructions for business and residential buildings. Along the way we have transformed into a one-stop provider for complex construction challenges. Today, BATEG GmbH operates almost exclusively as general contractor for turnkey construction – both in new buildings and in redevelopment.

In the early years, almost all of the clients that trusted BATEG GmbH came from Berlin and Brandenburg. But since then the company has established an outstanding reputation nationwide.

Simply well built is easily said.

But what it actually means is placing the wishes of our clients at the heart of everything we do. According to the standards we set ourselves, we can only claim to have built well if we complete the project on time, with the required expertise, according to contract and based on the highest standards of quality. Admittedly this is often very difficult. But a substantial number of investors commission us, and do so repeatedly, precisely because of this quality.