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Königin Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital – Redevelopment and Renovation of two ward buildings


Complete renovation and redevelopment of the existing building, three-storey.
House 2, exclusively a ward building, physiotherapy on the ground floor and 18 regular beds; 36 regular beds on the internal medicine ward on the first floor.
House 4 with two split wards on the ground floor with 24 regular beds, a ward with 26 regular beds and a monitoring area on the first floor; common areas, meeting and conference rooms on the second floor, the central case management area and other functional areas such as therapy, examination, patient common and dining room, ward kitchens, etc.
The basement (houses 2 and 4) is planned to include central common areas for the clinic staff in addition to the technical fixtures.


Evangelisches Krankenhaus
Königin Elisabeth Herzberge gGmbH
Herzbergstraße 79
D-10365 Berlin


under construction