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New building Federal Ministry of the Interior


New nine-storey office and administrative building with two-tier park deck in standard reinforced concrete skeleton construction with suspended natural stone façade.
GFS: approx. 71,841 m²
US: approx. 40,323 m²

Pit walls, anchored and non-anchored and stiffened in the pit, reinforce the pit to protect the building sections located underground; ground water retention and the construction of a water-impermeable trough pit perform the same function in the area of the ground water.

Unlike in standard procedure, stiffening and bracing are fitted into the construction pit and then moved as building progresses to ensure that the work in the pit, that is pit securing, is automatically tied to the subsequent shell construction work.


BBR Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning
Fasanenstraße 87
D-10623 Berlin


2012 - 2013