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New building for the Institute of Physics and construction Research Building – Life, Light, Matter (LLM) – at Rostock University


A new Institute of Physics is currently under construction on the campus grounds of Rostock University (district Südstadt).
It will consist of a research building and a lecture hall. These two buildings form a functional unit, connected by a bridge between research and teaching on the first floor.
The research building ‘Life, Light, Matter’ (LLM) complements this building project; its use dictates an autonomous building as a sealed unit beside the lecture hall.
All buildings have four storeys and basement; they are constructed as reinforced concrete skeletons.
The atrium areas are designed in exposed concrete quality. The technical facilities on the top floors will receive a reinforced concrete covering with trapezoidal sheeting and steel columns.


Paul Gerhardt Diakonie e.V.
Griesingerstr. 8
D-13589 Berlin


under construction